FM Locotos Company is a recognized industry expert in developing and implementing ground control designs and engineering solutions for roof, tunnel and general ground support. Their designs and products are being used in all areas of mineral industries including aggregate, hard rock, salt, coal and limestone, as well as underground storage facilities and wine caves.

The company specializes in customized solutions for difficult, niche problems and offers both services and MSHA tested products to achieve that goal. Company engineers with education and experience in rock and geo mechanics go underground to use their stratascopes for bore hole inspection, and do pull testing on site to determine the best bolt for the application.

Products include, but are not limited to, cable bolts for development of longwall gate entries, cuttable rock bolts such as fiberglass, plastic and wood dowls, yielding and tensioned cable bolts, anchor bolts, plates, and trusses. FM Locotos Company engineers are constantly working with customers to develop inventive solutions – FML has an established patent database of over 17 patents, with several in the application process.

Frank Locotos, President of FMLocotos Company, has a B.S. in Mining Engineering from Penn State University and has been developing innovative strategies for mine and roof control since the 1960s. Frank has 17 issued patents as well as several pending, and his inventions are being in mines all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. He has collaborated with a number of other leaders in the field and has coauthored approximately 50 papers in the areas of ground control.

The F.M.Locotos Company has a history of stressing specialty engineered ground control products for the mining, tunneling and construction industries since the beginning of the company in 1972. Frank was instrumental in the initial introduction of resin-assisted rock bolting to the US mining industry, where it has been originally developed in Europe.

Frank's strengths are in addressing the difficult and heavier ground control issues with new cable bolting systems, and the company works closely with manufacturers to provide products designed to both meet customer needs as well as meet all government safety specifications.