Bolts and Harware
· Mechanical Bolts 
· Headed Rebar Bolts 
· Threaded Rebar Bolts
· All-thread Rebar Bolts
· Full Line of Friction Anchor
· Cable Bolts
· Tubular Rock Bolts
· Fiberglass Rock Bolts
· Coupling and Nuts
Bearing Plates
· Flat
· Embossed 
· Domed
· All Sizes and Thickness 
· Steel, Plastic and Wood 
· Photos and Info Sheet (PDF) about of plastic plates
· Flat Steel Washers 
· Spherical Washers
· Plastic Washers 
· Re-Inforcer Washers
Mine Props
Pogo Sticks
Pull Test Gear
Regular & Surveyor Spad
Roof mats
Stratascope (PDF)
Welded Wire Mesh

Consultation and/or testing services done on-site

All Material ASTM – F432